Alexander Lavrentyev

Saint Petersburg-based photographer


Born in Leningrad, 1980

Graduated from St.Petersburg State Academy of Arts and Industry by Baron Alexander von Stieglitz, department of Decorative and applied arts in 2005


From 2003 Alexander took up photography, at the same time he works as a metal and enamel artist. In 2008 he started with his first personal show. From 2008 on he collaborates with several magazines and publishing houses as the photographer, taking part in collective photography exhibitions as well. In 2011 Alexander joined The State Hermitage Museum as a photographer on a full-time job. For the time being, he is the author of a few dozens  exhibition’s albums for Hermitage Museum and other collections.






Shades, Art and Musical Centre of the Mayakovsky Library, SPb, 2008


Snow on Silver, Achtung Baby club, SPb, 2008


Shades. North \ Sauth, Tolstoy square gallery, SPb, 2009


Stairs, Kuchnya gallery, SPb, 2010


One, two, three. Portraits 2005-2010, Stachka gallery, SPb, 2011


One, two, three. Portraits 2005-2010, Centre of contemporary culture Fakel, Kupchino, SPb, 2012


Youthful Petersburg, Russian Consulate, Turku, 2012


Somewhere, Once Upon A Time.., Exhibition hall of Anikushin Art school, Kronschtadt, 2012


Russian Dream, Architector's Hall, SPb, 2013



Galaxis, Hermitage.Berlin, Charlottenburg, Berlin, 2019


±42 | 118, MOST, SPb, 2020







Babylon, Air-surface gallery, SPb


Rapid reaction paintings, Air-surface gallery, SPb


Mansard, Art and Musical Centre of the Mayakovsky Library, SPb




Young Russia Photography, Manege, SPb


Photo New Rave, Nepokorennie gallery, SPb


Sphere in Art, Michail Shemyakin Foundation's gallery, SPb


Nudity is Controversially, State Urban Sculpture Museum, SPb


The Game, Bye Bye Ballet, SPb




We, Manege, SPb


Newspeak: Petersburg Version, State Hermitage Museum. SPb


Super Me, Kuchnya gallery, SPb




Noir Look, Modernariat gallery, SPb


Psychonautika III: Force Field, Red Banner Cultural Centre, SPb


Nonfermarti art festival, Cosenza




Young Family, Egor Gaydar Foundation, Moscow




Portrait of a Family, State Russian Museum, SPb




Museum Space, Youth Centre of the State hermitage Museum, SPb


2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 — Hermitage in Photographs, State Hermitage Museum, SPb