The project took off several years ago and appears to be infinite. The idea had its origin in the way our society appears to be incapable of dealing with the image of a breastfeeding woman on a billboard or on a front page of some glamorous magazine. Usually such a display causes more indignation than that of, for instance, a totally naked woman. At the same time, the image of the nursing Madonna is probably one of the most popular religious subjects in the history of art and no one is insulted by the Madonna Litta by Leonardo da Vinci. In our society, the classical art is protected by the time effect and its public acknowledgement, for sure. Something that is accepted by art experts will be accepted by society in any case. Therefore, they are religious paintings, and everything that is connected to a spiritual world must be clear and innocent. Originally, the key question of the project was about the reaction of people that changed so dramatically when the subject was transferred into our reality. After all, the breastfeeding itself is just a natural process and a part of the communication between a mother and a child, so nudity in this case has, on itself, no erotic or sexual meaning. Metaphorically all the women taking part in the project, performing as models, translate their message about necessity to change the relation to breastfeeding into the language of visual art. It could be said that during the project realization it has become clear that the public perception of breastfeeding is a part of the common understanding of life aspects. A mother, who first went through the deepest root of cration that a human being can go by giving life, now gives of herself to the child. We tend to forget that life itself and its natural processes are sacred in their existence and primary to our cultural sense of it. In addition, today’s art isn't any longer a closed space that only the privileged may enter. Today’s art is everywhere around us, in each movement of our ordinary life. In such a case, any lactating woman in all its ingenuousness and household ugliness can be seen as the iconographic image of the infinite Madonna.